Tuesday, July 1, 2008


A light gust of wind
Blows my calendar away
And frees up my day.

I know that my last missive mentioned a busy schedule and a doubtful amount of blogging time for today. It turns out that my warning was nothing more than a false alarm, as my day-time obligations wrapped themselves up before 9 am. It was an unexpected surprise that has left me with most of a morning and an entire afternoon to enjoy the finer things in life. I'm fairly certain that walking the dog and mowing the lawn will most likely become those "finer things." I can deal with that.

In other news, we've found ourselves in the mighty month of July. In just a few days, we'll be celebrating our nation's independence by wearing Old Navy t-shirts and putting our limbs and digits in immediate danger. My neighbors have already taken to waking up at 2 am to practice their firework-lighting skills. They're getting very good at it. Last night, they lit off at least a thousand firecrackers within a twenty minute span. That's a skill you just can't learn from a textbook. I'm not sure if there's some sort of contest going on for causing the most noise pollution, but if there is, I'm positive that my neighborhood is going to win.

Anywho, I should be off. It looks nice outside. I might try and sample some of this "sunlight" that I've heard so much about. I also have to clean the spent bottle rockets from my yard, roof, trees and lawn decorations. Before I depart, however:
- A quick rant: Yesterday's Pioneer Press ran a story on the front page about the winner of the US Women's Open over the weekend (go Inbee Park!) The story focused on Park's age, as the nineteen-year-old became the next in a string of young golfers winning LPGA tournaments.
To emphasize this point, the headline that ran with the story read "Never to young to win."
I understand that the English language is difficult. Hell, I constantly mix verb tenses, construct run-on sentences and misspell common words. Nobody's perfect. However, if you purport to be the main newspaper for a major city, you should have a better handle on the differences between "to" and "too." That extra "o" is what separates a major newspaper from the incoherent written ramblings of a third-grader.
Rant over.
- Today's Joke!
AT&T will sell new version of iPhone without service contract but it will cost $400 extra
AT&T Inc. will sell the new version of the iPhone without a service contract for $400 more than the price with a two-year plan, a break from the rules set when Apple Inc.'s popular touch-screen gadget debuted last year.
Two new models of iPhones go on sale July 11 for $199 and $299, depending on the amount of memory, with two-year AT&T contracts. The no-contract versions will cost $599 and $699 and will be sold sometime "in the future," AT&T said.
Besides being free from contracts, the higher-priced phones will also come with crowns for the buyer to wear, letting everyone around them know that they have the iPhone and they paid as much as possible for it.
Meanwhile, the old version of the iPhone, which debuted last year at $599 with a two-year contract, will soon be available for a nickel and a song.



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