Friday, July 11, 2008


I could just call you
But I'd rather teleport
With my new iPhone.

Today, the cell phone world is getting turned upside-down with the arrival of the new second generation iPhone. When the first iPhone came out, people were excited about the touch screen and slick interface the phone offered. I haven't really kept up with the new features announced for the iPhone 2, so let's take a look at what they're adding:
- 3G service! From what I've read about 3G cell phone technology, this means that the speed of connection is super-fast. Video calls and high-speed internet access will become the norm. The speed of 3G also means you'll be able to respond to a question asked over the phone before the question is even asked. That's how fast 3G is.
- New apps! The more-powerful heart of the iPhone 2 allows for new applications to simplify life for owners of the iPhone. As of right now, there are over 550 applications available for the iPhone. Programs range from "Box Offie" which finds movie theaters near you, gives ratings on the movies playing at those near-by theaters, and allows you to buy tickets, to "PhoneSaber" which turns your iPhone into a light saber sound effect-making machine. Most of the other 550+ apps are focused on reminding you what your life was like before you became obsessed with your cell phone.
- White! Now you can choose between a black iPhone or a white one. As much as you'll be holding this out for the rest of the world to see, it's nice to have an option as far as what color you'll be waving to the general public.
- Assisted GPS! When you find yourself lost in some rough-neck neighborhood after blindly wandering down the street staring at the beauty of your iPhone, you'll be able to find your way back home using the iPhone's GPS ability. Of course, when your iPhone is stolen by some hooligans in this rough-neck neighborhood, they'll also be able to find their way to your home. It's sort of a double-edged sword.

Well, there you have it. All of the new iPhone 2 features. Now I see why people are lining up for this thing. I would too if I hadn't already spent all of my disposable income on Rock Band songs... Perhaps I'll find myself in line for the iPhone 3 when it comes out in a year. I hear it's going to feature time-travel.

Anywho, I should be off. It's almost time for a weekend. Before I depart, here's Today's Joke:
Minneapolis: Water stinks, but city says it's safe
The city of Minneapolis said Thursday that the strange taste and odor in its tap water could last two more weeks while it acts to correct the problem. They also assured water users, hundreds of whom have complained to the city, that there are "absolutely no health risks."
City officials say the bad taste is the result of too much organic matter, such as algae and leaves, entering the Mississippi River, the source of the city's drinking water. It's a phenomenon that usually happens after the snow melts in the spring, and they don't know why it's happening now.
City spokesman Matt Laible said the city uses potassium permanganate and sodium permanganate to treat the water for odor and taste year round, but the two treatment plants have been using 20 percent more of the those chemicals since July 3, when people started complaining. The city also increased the use of powder-activated carbon, which absorbs organic matter and makes it easier to filter it out.
In the meantime, the city is urging residents to find ways to cover up the water's odor. "A lemon or lime slice does wonders to fix the problem," said one city official. "You could also use powdered iced tea or lemonade mixes to mask the smell. Or you can do what I do and mix your tap water with an equal amount of whiskey. It's going to be a good two weeks."



Psst! Remember! The 24-hour improv marathon is happening this Saturday/Sunday at the BNW. Go see it! I'll be there Sunday at 7 with Ferrari McSpeedy.

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