Wednesday, July 9, 2008


With a power saw
I cut up some two by fours,
Then I start bleeding.

Apologies for the lack of missives this week. We've been tearing down and rebuilding the BNW stage, and I found myself at the end of each day blog-less. The good news is that if you come in and see the stage now, you'll be quite surprised at the changes we've made. Surprised... and delighted. Granted, we're not done with it. Not yet at least. Soon, however. Soon.

Anywho, it's been quite the week. Last Friday, if I remember correctly, was the Fourth of July. The holiday was celebrated by cramming thirty-eight friends and family members into my backyard and cooking for them. Also, there were fireworks.
Saturday and Sunday each had a bit of BNW work in them. The wife and I also took in a showing of Son of Rambow om Sunday night. It's an independent film about a couple of British boys that become enamored with First Blood and decide to make a movie about Rambo's kid. It's adorable. Almost too adorable. FOTI.
Monday and Tuesday were both spent in the theater. On Monday, I covered myself in black paint. Yesterday I covered myself in red paint. Today I'm hoping to go paintless. It shouldn't be too hard to do that, as I'm not scheduled to paint anything today. Instead, we're putting this up-coming BNW election show onto its feet. With my luck, however, I'll somehow get doused with a gallon of blue semi-gloss.
Well, that's the re-cap of the past few days. I've got to get a few scripts in order before this rehearsal starts up. Tomorrow, I'm hoping to have a little extra free time for a super blog. Fingers are crossed that my hopes will materialize.
Before I depart, here's Today's Joke:
Scams use dead doctors' IDs
Medicare scammers using the identities of hundreds of dead doctors in Minnesota and across the nation have bilked the government for an estimated $100 million over the past decade, according to a congressional report.
Using the ID numbers of deceased doctors, sometimes more than 15 years after they died, fraud artists have been able to treat Medicare like an ATM, making withdrawals at will, according to federal investigators.
The investigators were tipped off after seeing a number of prescriptions for medical marijuana from Hippocrates.



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