Tuesday, July 15, 2008


My brain is jam-packed
With words trying to escape.
Please stay in there, words.

Nothing more than a haiku and a joke for today's missive. My time needs to be spent learning a show that I'll be performing in a couple of days. Apologies! Use this time instead to catch up on this year's E3.

Here's Today's Joke:
Seven in state on Starbucks' hit list
t's official: This is not friendly territory for Starbucks.

The Seattle-based coffee company has long battled with local coffeehouse operator Caribou Coffee for a share of Minnesota's market. The result? On Monday, Starbucks announced the first 50 of some 600 closings expected nationwide in coming months, naming seven stores in Minnesota, more than any other state except California, which had eight.
The Minnesota closings -- so far -- include a store in Coon Rapids, a store in Blaine, two of the seven stores in the Mall of America, the store on the south-east corner of Nicollet and Seventh (the store on the north-west corner will stay open), the store in the basement of the Caribou on 23rd and Hennepin, and the store located in the tree house of Billy Laabs in Richfield.



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