Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Home remodeling
Should only be done by those
That have a death wish.

At this very moment, there's a large microwave sitting on the floor in my dining room next to two kitchen cabinet doors which have been removed from the cabinets that they are supposed to protect. When we bought our house back in 2003, the wife and I were told that there was a microwave in the basement (still mint in box!) that could be installed over the stove, but the cabinets over the stove came down two inches too low to install the microwave. Cut to over five years later, and I've finally gotten around to completing this project. Well, I shouldn't say "completing." At least, not yet. I've started the project, there's no doubt about that. As for an estimated date of completion - it took me five years to just get the microwave up from the basement. I don't think it'll be installed until 2013 at the earliest. At that point, the kid should be old enough to help me with the install.

Anywho, I should be off. There's a little bit of video editing that needs to be done for the BNW show, and that just might be followed up by a little flat screen television mounting. It's funny that I'll be helping with that while my kitchen is in disarray. Not "ha ha" funny. More "that's not funny at all" funny.

Speaking of "that's not funny at all" funny, here's Today's Joke:
Ron Paul announces counter-rally
Ron Paul, the iconclastic former Republican presidential hopeful, announced today that he will hold a rally at the Target Center in Minneapolis on Sept. 2, as the GOP holds its convention across the river in St. Paul.
His supporters hoped to get him a speaking role at the GOP convention, but that does not appear likely. So instead he is planning the counter-convention, and has made entreaties with Libertarian presidential candidate Bob Barr. Paul was the Libertarian candidate in 1988.
The Texas congressman, who opposes the Iraq war and is a libertarian on economic issues, drew an avid following during the Republican primaries. His stance on many of the issues during the primaries were very different from the rest of the Republicans in the race for the nomination.
As such, the counter-rally will be as different as can be from the GOP's convention. Said one event agent, "Our balloons will fly up to the ceiling! How about that? Stick that in your eye, McCain!"
When asked why he was holding a counter-rally, Paul responded, "For the past eight years, the Democrats have been forced to deal with independent candidates, some of whom made a large enough impact to cost the Democratic Party some very big wins. It's time the Republicans got into that game. Let's overwhelm the voting public with choice!"



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