Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Trickle turns to stream,
Stream turns to gushing river.
Now I have to pee.

Well, for those keeping track, there are exactly three weeks left to the due date of Bozic 2.0. Of course, at this point in time, "three weeks" doesn't really mean anything. The kid could come tomorrow, or wait until mid-September (at which point she would encroach on "ramp-up to Joe's birthday" time). The "three weeks" is really just a suggestion of arrival. As it turns out, babies run on schedules similar to those of major airlines: estimated arrivals are really just estimates indeed.
We're just keeping our fingers crossed that the kid waits until after the Olympics. Without Tivo, we're at the network's beck and call for watching events. It'd be terrible to miss the handball finals just because of some silly labor.

Sorry. That was "Olympics fever" talking. I haven't eaten anything in five days to try and starve the fever, but that has just given me more time to watch the Olympics, which is making matters worse.

In other news... Wait. There is no other news. Besides the baby and the Olympics, there is nothing more. At least not for today's missive. I should get out and expand my horizons this afternoon. Yes! That's what I should do! Perhaps a walk through the sculpture garden. Or maybe an hour spent flying a kite with orphans. Those both seem like grand, blog-worthy experiences!

Sadly, we all know that I'm going to spend my free time going to Babies R Us and then watching the finest athletes in the world compete in table tennis. Oh well.

I should be off. Before I depart, here's Today's Joke:
Bush expresses concern that Russia may be violating the cease-fire in Georgia
President Bush said Wednesday he is skeptical that Moscow is honoring a cease-fire in Georgia, demanding that Russia end all military activities and withdraw all its forces.
"The United States stands with Georgia and insists that the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Georgia be respected," Bush said sternly during brief remarks in the White House Rose Garden.
Bush then warned the American people to take Russia's invasion of Georgia very seriously. "It starts with Georgia," Bush said, "and before you know it, we've lost Alabama, South Carolina and most of Florida. I've seen Red Dawn. I know what's at stake here."
Bush then asked for a rag-tag bunch of teenagers to assemble and "get those Ruskies out of here."




Anonymous said...

I thought it was feed the fever, starve the eat something red white and blue, that should help.

Joe Ferrari! said...

I starve every illness. That's how I stay so thin.
I'll have to give the red, white, and blue thing a try. Hello, America-cupcakes!

sybildiscontent said...

I share your concern about missing the Olympics in favor of some stupid labor. Sadly, as I am the one scheduled to BE in the labor, I'm afraid I have no choice in the matter.

Best of luck for you, your wife and the weebabe soon to make an appearance!

oh, and could you blog about your favorite olympic events since I'm going to miss the rest of it from tomorrow at 2:30pm on?

Joe Ferrari! said...

I'll do what I can for posting my Olympic highlights. Here's the one from yesterday:
Can you believe the women's team gymnastics? China opened the door right up with messy beam routines, but the US just couldn't capitalize on them. If this were 1988, both teams would have been spanked by their coaches on national television.