Monday, August 18, 2008


Those silver linings
That we all look forward to
Still come with storm clouds.

There are a lot of really great things happening these days. It's a lovely summer, the Olympics are on, I've got a baby on the way, the BNW podcasts are back (after a short hiatus), and the Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus (in 3-D!) DVD comes out tomorrow. These are all great reasons to have a smile plastered on your face.
However, as the classic theme song reminds us, you take the good and you take the bad. There are a few items of note that will test even the most optimistic of folks. I hate to do this, but I feel that you should be aware of these things.
1) Pandora might be closing up shop. If you're not familiar with Pandora, it's a lovely free(!) website that expands your musical tastes based on artists and songs that you like. Sadly, the record industry wants money for the songs that Pandora plays. Being a free website, you can imagine that this business plan won't hold water. It hasn't happened yet, but it sounds like Pandora will soon be on its to the far recesses of our memories. Get over there and spend some time with it while you still can.
2) If you're anything like me, you spent some of your childhood at slumber parties with your friends, eating pizza, watching scary movies, and staying up until after 10:30 at night. If you're parents were anything like my parents, the pizza you ate was from Little Caesars because it was cheap. Well, Little Caesars is back, with several locales throughout the south-metro area, and their pizza is still as cheap as can be. Sadly, there's a reason the pizza is so cheap: it's the worst thing I've eaten since... well, probably since the last time I had Little Caesars. What makes matters worse is that when I bit into my first slice, I remembered that I never looked forward to slumber party pizzas. Then I remembered that I never really liked the scary movies that we watched at those slumber parties, and that staying up until after 10:30 always resulted in a crabby me the following day.
With one simple bite of pizza, my fond recollections of my childhood were shat upon.
The moral? Don't get Little Caesars.
3) The Death Star is invading San Fransisco. That's a real bummer. San Fran is a nice place. It'll be tough to see it evaporated.

There you go. These happy times certainly have their dark side. I hope that I didn't sour your Monday beyond repair.
I should be off. I need to change clothes, as my shirt is drenched in tears. Before I depart, here's Today's Joke:
Georgians wait for Russians troops to pull out
Hungry and uncertain, beleaguered residents in Gori and other occupied Georgian cities waited anxiously Monday for Russian forces to begin their promised pullout from Georgia after a short but intense war that shocked the West.
Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has promised the withdrawal under terms of an EU-backed cease-fire agreement, but how quickly the troops will leave is unclear, as is exactly where they will redeploy. The agreement calls for troops to withdraw to positions they held before fighting broke out Aug. 7, but the troops haven't made any movement to signal their departure. According to one Russian soldier, their reluctance to leave is due to the attractive women of Georgia. "Those Moscow girls make me sing and shout," the soldier explained, "but Georgia's always on my my my my my my my my my mind."



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Fred said...

So, with your Little Caesar's experience, you are the anti-Proust?