Friday, August 22, 2008


In dusk's golden hue
We all become kings and queens
In backyard kingdoms.

Oh my goodness! It's a Friday! A weekend of excitement and adventure waits for us to step away from these computers and come along for the ride. Where will the weekend take us? If you're lucky, it'll take you to the BNW for the election show and After Party. If you're unlucky, it'll take you to Death Race, which is sadly and unexpectedly getting panned by the critics. That's a real shame.
Anywho, this weekend's not going to show up quite yet, so let's read a blog!

This morning was spent in front of a photo camera getting snap shots and video shots taken for this whole After Party business. Some of those photos just might end up on the After Party's facebook page. If you're on facebook, you should check it out. Become a fan. Post a comment. You know: prove how hip you are via the interface of a social-networking website. Why not?

This afternoon? Why, this afternoon will probably be spent trying not to purchase a chococlock. What's a chococlock? Why, it's a clock that delivers a piece of chocolate at noon and midnight. I can't believe that I've lasted this long without one. However, I know that if a chococlock ends up in my house, there will be an all-out fist fight every 11:59 between me and the wife.
Perhaps I'll instead get myself a WiiFit balance board and rig it up to walk around the world with Google's Maps's Street's View. That seems like a decent way to spend an afternoon.
Heck, that would actually be a great way to burn off the calories from the chococlock...
Let's be honest: all of my free time this weekend is going to be spent playing the Star Wars: The Force Unleashed demo on my XBox. Sure, it's only ten minutes long and I've already played it seven times in a row. It's Star Wars, and it's not terrible. That's all I need.

Anywho, I should be off. Those stormtroopers aren't going to to get picked up and thrown across the room on their own. Before I depart, here's Today's Joke:
FDA: Agents can seize penis rings at borders
Penis enlargers and constricting rings to maintain erections can be seized at U.S. borders, U.S. regulators said Thursday, citing inadequate safety labels.
The devices have inadequate directions for use and can have harmful effects.
“Basically, the labeling of these devices falsely states or implies they will treat impotence, prolong erection, and increase the dimensions of the penis,” the FDA said in the new notice.
The FDA expects that nobody ever will even think about complaining about this new regulation.



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