Monday, May 19, 2008


The shutter opens,
The room explodes in a flash
I grin forever.

Goodness gracious! Welcome to Monday, huh? Today started with a bang. Well, actually, it started with a shot. A shot from a camera. The BNW's election show had its photo shoot wherein the cast members captured the figurative fight for the White House via non-figurative thrown punches and headlocks. It's not often one starts a week with violence and posing. I'm curious to see how this affects the next few days. Will I awake tomorrow and drop-kick the dog? Chances are: yes.

Anywho, I have a few topics to discuss, and not enough mental energy to expound on any of them at great length. Thusly, here are a number of shorter items for your perusal and enjoyment. They are not "things" and they are not numbered. I don't do that.

- Last night, Improv A Go Go celebrated its sixth anniversary. The sold-out crowd saw four pretty darned fantastic sets. For Butch and Five Man Job: congrats on six successful years. Here's to sixty more.

- For those that were there last night and are concerned about the future, Ferrari McSpeedy is not breaking up. Our set was so much fun that I've decided to not throw in the towel. Is that a good thing? We'll find out at Go Go's seventh anniversary.

- I installed a new garbage disposal yesterday afternoon. If you've ever considered installing a garbage disposal, know that it's actually not that difficult, unless you decide to install it incorrectly. For an hour, I tried installing it incorrectly and had a heck of a time. Then I tried doing it the right way and was mulching food mere moments later. I guess there's something to be said about reading the instructions...

- I started a new regimen to "get fit" this spring. The plan is to do push-ups in the morning. I've started at fifteen. I hope to work up to seventeen or eighteen in the next month or two, although after helping people move on Saturday and doing light appliance installation on Sunday, I was only able to do five push-ups this morning. That's not a good sign for my goal to be a muscle-bound meat-heat by the Fourth of July.

- Tonight, the Skirt Turtles play their final regular season game. If we win, we'll be .500 for the season. If we lose, we'll be an embarrassment to every theater company that's ever decided to band together and take on non-theater people in semi-competitive sports. If you want to see the action, we're at Lake Nokomis Diamond #7 (50th and Cedar in South Minneapolis, yo!) at 7:05 pm. Wear your finest skirt turtles in support. If it rains, I will construct a giant dome to make sure we can play. Or I will give every player an umbrella hat. I'm that serious about slow-pitch softball.

-Yes, I plan to be all hopped up on pain-killers to numb myself of the searing pain I'll feel every time I swing the bat tonight.

- Indiana Jones 4 is mere days away. The word on the street is that it's "OK." I'm giddy with anticipation.

- Two Orangutans Recaptured After Escaping From Zoos
At Busch Gardens in Tampa, Florida, part of a new exhibit is closed after a 10-year-old female orangutan escaped by climbing the exhibit's windows. Caretakers had to coax it into a back area using apples, carrots and vanilla ice cream for about an hour.
Meanwhile, 3,000 visitors at the Los Angeles Zoo were forced to head for the exit when a 29-year-old orangutan named Bruno punched a hole through mesh that surrounds his habitat.
Authorities say he was free for about 20 minutes until a handler saw him in a holding area behind the cage. Keepers quickly approached the orangutan and sedated him.
Both escapes are being blamed on the orangutans playing Grand Theft Auto just before their respective break-outs. When asked why the orangutans were allowed to play Grand Theft Auto, the zoo-keepers replied "it keeps them entertained and out of trouble."

- Huzzah!

- Tomorrow!

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