Friday, May 2, 2008


When the tulips bloom
You should take that as a sign:
No more Christmas wreaths!

Our neighbor still has a holiday wreath hanging on the front of his house. It's one of those over-sized wreaths that's almost as big as the door it hangs next too. I hadn't noticed it until today. I'm never sure how to feel about holiday decorations that are left up too long. On one hand, I applaud my neighbor for keeping the holiday spirit alive. On the other hand, aren't there some other holidays that deserve their time in the sun? Where's the Mother's Day wreath? Santa didn't shoot you out of a vagina. Let's get with it, neighbor!

Apologies. That was a bit crass, wasn't it?

That Iron Man movie opens today. I must say, I'm excited for this movie for several reasons: the previews look pretty dang neat; the reviews all seem to like it (94%!); and it kicks off the start of the summer blockbuster season which, this year, includes Batman and Indiana Jones. For those that have been paying attention, this is a repeat of the year 1989 when Tim Burton's Batman competed against Indiana and his dad and their last crusade.
Oddly, the similarities between 1989 and 2008 do not end there. Let's examine!
- The Revolutions of 1989 signaled the end of Communist Russia's power and brought resolution to the Cold War. Similarly, in 2008, Castro was replaced (by Castro II!) and we've seen a dissolution of Communist power in Cuba.
- In China, in 1989, the government came under international fire for it's handling of the Tienanmen Square protests. This year, the Chinese government is coming under international fire for it's handling of Tibet.
- Quantum Leap debuts in 1989, a show that features a man that travels through time to help people. In 2008, The Sarah Conner Chronicles debuts, a show that features a girl that travels through time to violently kill people.
- Throughout most of September in 1989, I tried to get a girl to like me by telling her that I saw Aerosmith in concert. I have a feeling that same thing will happen in September of 2008.
- And of course, both 1989 and 2008 feature movies of strange loners using their status, power and determination to save the little guys. 2008's Iron Man is really nothing more than a re-telling of 1989's Roger and Me when you think about it...

Goodness. It's like the past is just repeating itself. Spooky.

Anywho, I should be off. Today is a day of busy-ness, as I've got to find the Easter eggs that I hid a month and a half ago. Before I depart, here two things:
1) Punch Out! at the BNW at 11 pm tonight. Come see it. It should be incredible!
2) Today's Joke!
Congress Passes Bill to Bar Bias Based on Genes
A bill that would prohibit discrimination by health insurers and employers based on the information that people carry in their genes won final approval in Congress on Thursday by an overwhelming vote.
The legislation, which President Bush has indicated he will sign, speaks both to the mounting hope that genetic research may greatly improve health care and the fear of a dystopia in which people’s own DNA could be turned against them.
“People know we all have bad genes, and we are all potential victims of genetic discrimination,” said Representative Louise M. Slaughter, Democrat of New York, who first proposed the legislation. "With this bill, we can make sure that we don't discriminate based on our genes, and we can keep our discrimination focused on non-genetic issues, such as income, origin of birth, religion, skin color, sexuality and gender. Today is truly a great day for freedom and equality."



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