Thursday, May 22, 2008


No time for a blog.
The whip is cracking loudly.
I must heed the call.

Sorry friends, but today is getting away from me faster than a bunny getting away from a wolf. A wolf that's on fire. And has a broken leg. And is wearing an eye patch. You know: a flaming crippled pirate wolf. I'd make a less nonsensical metaphor had I the time to think one through, but alas, the bunny/pirate wolf analogy is all you get. Apologies.

Anywho, I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that tomorrow's missive may be completely absent. There's a day-long meeting that I simply must attend, and blogging during these types of things tend to be frowned upon. I will catch up with the latest and greatest observations as soon as I can. I promise.

I also wanted to take a moment for Today's Joke:
To fix error, House to vote again on farm bill
The House of Representatives will vote again on sending the $289 billion U.S. farm bill to the White House to clear up an embarrassing clerical error discovered after the bill was vetoed, Democratic leaders said on Thursday.
They said the House would vote under rules that prevent any amendments and limit debate but require a two-thirds vote for passage.
House Agriculture Committee leaders said a clerical error actually made it a $289 billion "fram" bill that would "expand funding for 'framers' for public nutrition, land stewardship and biofuel development."
According to a spokesman for Sen. Larry Reid, the word "fram" was substitued for "farm" some three thousand eighty-two times in the lengthy bill. The spokesmen continued to say that the error probably would have been caught, had the majority of Representatives not been busy cheating on their spouses with high-priced prostitutes when the bill was up for review.


Sometime soon!

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