Tuesday, May 20, 2008


After we've voted
And the elections are done,
We'll want a monarch.

Another day, another set of primaries for the Democratic Party. This evening, we'll watch the results from Oregon and Kentucky roll in. For the past week, Obama has been hitting Oregon hard and letting Clinton have Kentucky all to herself. Why? If Obama takes Oregon today, then he'll have the majority of pledged popular vote delegates and the whole damn thing will be nearly over. Oddly enough, Clinton has started to complain that simply earning the majority of pledged popular vote delegates should not be a sign that the nation wants Obama as the Democratic nominee. This race has finally turned completely absurd. It seems as though Clinton is arguing that obtaining the majority of the popular vote is not a valid reason for choosing Obama is the candidate that most Democrats want to run for office. I wonder if Clinton remembers the last time the popular vote loser was declared the winner? My fingers are crossed that, by this time next week, the Democratic nominee is chosen. That would be super.

In other news, some video of me coaching last night's Skirt Turtles game has hit the YouTubes. Have a look. I particularly enjoyed it at the 1:17 mark. Turtles, we had a heck of a regular season. I can't wait for the play-offs!

In other other news, Netflix has released a TV set-top box that will allow you to stream movies from the internets to your television. If you have a Netflix account and $100, you can buy the box and watch, for no additional charge, any of the 10,000 movies Netflix has available. As a man that loves the gadgets and the internets, I am a huge fan of this as it combines my loves of watching things and sitting on my couch. As a man that hates most movies, I am an even huger fan of this, as this will supply my brain with so many more things to criticize and bad-mouth. Thanks, Netflix!

In other other other news, Today's Joke!
2 suburban students turned in for defacing portraits at Capitol
Two suburban high school students have been turned in and now face possible felony charges for defacing three portraits of governors at the State Capitol, authorities said today.
The students, juveniles from Eastview High School in Apple Valley, were at the Capitol on a school tour when they drew with markers on the paintings of Jesse Ventura, Harold LeVander and Elmer L. Andersen, said Capitol Security Lt. Robert Meyerson.
Once Capitol Security completes its investigation, the case will be turned over to the Ramsey County attorney's office for possible charges. Meyerson said the two could be charged with felonies because the damage was at least $1,000 to each portrait.
Along with any prosecution, the two Eastview students also face further punishment. The former governors (or estates thereof, if applicable) will be allowed the opportunity to draw on the students with markers during an all-school assembly next week.



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