Tuesday, May 6, 2008


I find summer's truth -
Its sizzling realities -
In my armpit stains.

Last night, the BNW participated in the Fringe's Five-Fifths production of Romeo and Juliet. The evening was a true delight. I missed the fourth act, but I did get to see the fine Four Humors folks do a marvelous dance-based re-telling of the first act and the Rockstar Storytellers with a brilliant take on their act. We closed the show in the crudest, most violent way possible. It's what William would have wanted.

Anywho, I wanted to congratulate everyone involved in the show. It was a roaring success and a joy to be a part of. It also reminded me that I need to get back into the Fringe world soon. I've been missing a lot of fun for the past few years.

In other news, today looks to be unbelievably nice. Temps near 80, sunny for most of the day, a light breeze blowing... That's why I've decided to go see Iron Man. Sure, I could spend the entire day outside, chasing rabbits and laughing like a young boy with a set of Looney Tunes videos, but I've learned that you shouldn't over-do it on these first nice days. You need to just dip your toe in the pleasantness. Why? Because it will probably end up snowing this weekend, and if you get too comfortable with today's 80 degrees, this weekend's 20 degrees will only send you deeper into a spiral of despair and sorrow. I'm not saying that the forecast is predicting a cold weekend, but I am saying that we are bound to experience one if we enjoy this delightfulness too much. I've lived in Minnesota just long enough to realize that's how it works around here. I'm onto you, Mother Nature. You cant fool this guy!

Anywho, I should be off. I like to dress up when I go see superhero movies, so I have a lot of welding to do in the next hour. Before I depart, here's Today's Joke:
McCain rips liberal judicial system
Sen. John McCain today threw some red meat to conservatives, lashing out at liberal judges that make law rather than interpret the Constitution and ripping the current Supreme Court, considered by some to already be conservative.
The presumptive Republican presidential candidate said America's courts have strayed far from the edict of the Founding Fathers, who laid out "not just guidelines," but clear directives for the judiciary.
"The moral authority of our judiciary depends on judicial self-restraint, but this authority quickly vanishes when a court presumes to make law instead of apply it. A court is hardly competent to check the abuses of other branches of government when it cannot even control itself," McCain said.
"As we've learned in the past eight years, the true power for making, approving, determining the constitutionality and enforcing our nation's laws lies in the hands of the President. These uppity courts had better check themselves before they wreck themselves."
McCain then promised that if elected, his first act would be to send the 'liberal judges" to Iraq so they could do their judging on the battlefield.



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