Wednesday, May 7, 2008


A man. A machine.
A dream of ten thousand boys.
We are all Iron Man.

Yesterday afternoon, Mike and I took in an early showing of Iron Man. What can I say? I love paying matinee prices! Anywho, before going, I had read and heard such statements as, "it's the best superhero movie ever" and "Iron Man is pretty darn great" and "this movie will make you a better person." That type of hype tends to sour a film for me. However, Iron Man was actually a decent movie and a kick-ass superhero movie. Usually, those two things don't go together, but FORSOOTH! Iron Man had characters that grew as the movie progressed, action scenes that were filmed in a way that you could actually tell what was happening, and just the right amount of humor. It's hard to fit all three of those items in any movie, let alone a comic-book movie. Yet, somehow, Iron Man prevailed. It also had a scene after the credits that delighted me and my limited knowledge of the Marvel universe to no end. If you go see it, be sure to stick around for it. FOTIs.

In other news, I have lost the ability to tilt my head upwards or turn it from side to side without wincing in pain. My guess is that I strained my neck whilst sleeping, although I'm certain there will be plenty of people that will suggest I have Lyme Disease or arthritis of the neck or possibly even meningitis. I'm going to hold off on diagnosing myself with anything super deadly or incapacitating for the moment and see if I can't just work it out. If I wake up tomorrow and it's worse, I promise that I'll begin construction of a robotic exo-skeleton to help me get around town.

Anywho, I should be off. The BNW needs a cleaning, and I'm just the guy to do it. If I had a superhero name, it would probably be "The Immaculator." It's got a ring to it.

Before I depart, here's Today's Joke!
Clinton wins Indiana; Obama sweeps N.C.
Barack Obama swept to a convincing victory in the North Carolina primary Tuesday night and declared he was closing in on the Democratic presidential nomination. Hillary Rodham Clinton eked out a win in Indiana as she struggled to halt her rival's march into history.
"Tonight we stand less than 200 delegates away from securing the Democratic nomination for president of the United States," Obama told a raucous rally in Raleigh, N.C. — and left no doubt he intended to claim the prize.
Clinton stepped before her own supporters not long afterward in Indianapolis. "Thanks to you, it's full speed on to the White House," she said, signaling her determination to fight on in a campaign already waged across more than 16 months and nearly all 50 states.
Both candidates announced that they were looking forward to at least another week of character defamation and personal attacks as the Democratic party continues to tear itself apart, leaving the road to the White House open and empty for John McCain.
"If we can't lose spectacularly come novemeber, we haven't done our job," said Democratic party head Howard Dean. "The flame-out I had in '04 will be nothing compared to this."



Psst! HUGE Theater is at Punch Out! this Friday. Prepare yourself.


Peggy Larson said...

Maybe it's rigor mortis...

Joe Ferrari! said...

It very well could be, although I can still use my other joints. Can you get rigor mortis in just part of your neck? Did part of me die? Probably.