Thursday, June 5, 2008


With fear in his eyes
The weatherman confesses:
We're all getting blown.

For the past week, the local news-stations have been forecasting a day of sheer destruction. Heck, even our local internet sensation has taken precautions for today's expected tempest. It could turn out that they're right and that tomorrow, I'll be writing (and you'll be reading) this missive from a magical land filled with witches and little people after a short trip in the inside of a funnel cloud. Or it could very well happen that the day passes by with little more than a scattered shower and the brief sighting of a rainbow. All I hope is that the new seedlings that are finally appearing in the pit of mud in my back yard don't get torn up and thrown asunder. That would be a real pain.

Anywho, if you're planning on walking around in the out-of-doors today, take and umbrella and some leaden boots. I don't want you getting wet or blown away.

In other news, I find it odd that I hate the up-coming movie Wanted because of the movie's insistence that you can arc a bullet, and yet I have no problems with the Japanese movie The Machine Girl which features a girl that replaces her arm with a Gatling gun. I believe the difference lies in the fact that Wanted tries to take itself seriously, attempting to convince us that a bullet is pretty much the same as a baseball as far as allowing a person to influence it's trajectory. On the other hand, The Machine Girl celebrates its absurdity, and piles ninjas, Yakuza and well-armed futuristic football players onto the fun. Sometimes that extra step is the most important one...

I should be off. I have to finish covering my house in titanium in preparation for the big storm. Before I depart, here's Today's Joke:
California Supreme Court refuses to delay gay marriage
Gay couples in California rushed to set wedding dates Wednesday after the California Supreme Court's unusually quick rejection of challenges to its historic decision permitting same-sex couples to wed.
By rejecting petitions asking for reconsideration of the May 15 ruling, the court, in a 4-3 vote, removed the final obstacle to same-sex marriages starting June 17.
A soon-to-be-released study by the Williams Institute at UCLA's School of Law predicts that thousands of gay couples will rush to the altar before the November election, and the rush might have a large impact on the California economy.
"This is better than any stimulus package the government could give," said one Crate and Barrel employee. "We've done more business since the court's decision than we have all year long. If you really want to get out of this recession, make gay marriage OK across the nation!"



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