Thursday, June 12, 2008


In the atmosphere
Lingering above the clouds,
My time eludes me.

If you were looking forward to a massive missive from me today, I apologize. I simply have not the time to craft anything of worth for you. My time for writing must be relegated to work-related items only. Between rehearsal, a corporate show and a Gogol Bordello concert, today is jam-packed with leisure-time-less-ness. I'll make it up to you somehow, someday. I promise.

I must be off. Before I depart, here's Today's Joke:
China may be the source of hacking into House computers
Two House members said on Wednesday that their Capitol Hill computers containing information about political dissidents from around the world have been hacked by sources apparently working out of China.
Rep. Frank Wolf, R-Va., said four of his computers were hacked. Rep. Chris Smith, R-N.J., said two of his computers were compromised in December 2006 and March 2007.
Wolf said the hacking of computers in his Capitol Hill office began in August 2006. He said a computer at a House committee office also was hacked, and he suggested others in the House and possibly the Senate could be involved.
Wolf said that China became the main suspect in the hacking when it was discovered that the hacked computers were filled with a lead-based paint, antifreeze, and a poisonous wheat gluten.
"We've seen these items in various other attacks from China, in our toys, toothpastes and pet foods," Wolf said. "Somehow they're getting these deadly poisons into our computers. Well, you know what? This is war. China, prepare to have your computers hacked with atom bombs and the might of America's military. Boo ya!"



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