Friday, June 27, 2008


The A/C's blasting
Like a tiny Arctic chill.
My nipples are hard.

Two days in a row? What fancy thing is this? 'Tis almost as though this were a daily blog! Bah!

I've found myself with a little more time this morning than has been afforded to me on any other weekday morning as of late. Sure, I could be spending this time sleeping, or playing the video console games, or working, but who needs any of that? The morning belongs to the blog. Who am I to challenge that?

Anywho, there are many exciting things to discuss in a one-sided, written sort of way. Let's begin!
- That Wall-E movie opens today. All of the critics are saying that it's "magical," "a jewel," "a gem," "the greatest movie ever made," and "borderline-artsy." I've seen a number of clips in the past few days and I'm inclined to agree with these critics. Wall-E looks to be unbelievably delightful. However, if you are in need of a good laugh, got to and find the reviews that pan Wall-E. The reviews, and the comments that follow, are pretty genius.
- It's raining and the high for today is only 80 degrees, which is a large change from the hot and humid weather from the past few days. Yet the air conditioning in the BNW lobby is set at a low 22 degrees. I should have brought a parka. Or learned how to adjust the thermostat. Or picked a seat that wasn't right below a vent. Oh well...
- TCIF went very well last night. I wasn't there, but I've heard nothing but great things. I will be taking in a set or nine tonight. I'll see you there!
- New Flavors for Addresses on the Web Are on the Way
Move over .com and .org. Get ready for a nearly infinite variety of new Web addresses ending in words like .perfume, .sports and .paris.
On Thursday the Internet’s main oversight agency approved the most sweeping changes to the network’s address system since its creation.
According to new rules unanimously passed by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, or Icann, at its meeting here, any company, organization or country will soon be able to apply for a new Web address extension, called a top-level domain.
That could smooth the way for Web addresses that end in city names, brands and generic words. It could also sow confusion in the minds of Web users, create a host of new ways to exploit the Web addressing system and start a wave of legal skirmishes over applications to register trademarks — .coke, for example.
There have already been several applications for "," "," and "www.uhoh.yournevergoingtorememberthis." There has also been a huge increase in interest for Morse code web addresses, such as ""*



* - Someone's going to spend the time to figure this out. I'm certain of it. Who's it going to be?


Julie Blaha said...

Since your address has no spacing, .....-.., it doesn't actually say anything in Morse Code. But if you thought it as being all pushed together, you could get the word "sine" out of it (... .. -. .) or "seed" (... . . -..). You can go to my favorite Morse Code translator at and see what you can come up with.

Oh God, I am now officially that person. I'd make a joke here but I'm afraid I'd end it with a snort.

LRM said...

Wow. I had my money on Buekema.

Joe Ferrari! said...

To be honest, I was going for "hi" but I screwed it up. That's the last time I try my hand at a foreign language.