Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I am a wordsmith:
I forge words and sentences
With a hot iron.

Today is a day for letters. Letters that are strung together to form words. Those words? They'll be paired up with other words to make sentences. In the end, I'll have pages and pages of writing. Why? Well, if you haven't been paying attention, there's an election coming up soon. That means that there's also an election show coming to the BNW soon. Sooner than you think, in fact. Thusly, I'll be chaining myself to my laptop and churning out script after script about the Democratic primaries, McCain's age, and the disenfranchisement of the American voting populous. Comedy gold, all. Fortunately, Mother Nature has deemed it fit to cloud over our blue skies with the gray cover of looming rain storms. I shall not be distracted by the chirping birds or sounds of children enjoying the late spring. Huzzah! Let us all stay inside and work!

Of course, to make sure we work hard, we had better get our procrastination out of the way.
Look! A website dedicated to the up-coming remake of the movie Death Race 2000! Fantastic!

Over here! Someone changed his Roomba into a Pacmba. Humorous!

This! LEGO Indiana Jones comes out this week for various video game systems. Delightful!

That! Tee hee!

Also! I failed to mention this yesterday, but thanks to everyone that came out to see the Punch Out! between Ferrari McSpeedy and Five Man Job. Ferrari ended up winning in the end, but it was a darn good fight. Also, thanks to everyone that came to Punch Out! throughout its run. Punch Out! is going away for a while, but will probably rear its angry little head again after the Twin Cities Improv Festival has passed.

Lastly! Officials: Clinton will concede delegate race to Obama Tuesday night
Hillary Rodham Clinton will concede Tuesday night that Barack Obama has the delegates to secure the Democratic nomination, campaign officials said, effectively ending her bid to be the nation's first female president.
The former first lady will stop short of formally suspending or ending her race in her speech in New York City. Obama is 40 delegates shy of clinching the nomination, but he is widely expected to make up the difference Tuesday with superdelegate support and votes in South Dakota and Montana. Once he reaches the magic number of 2,118, Clinton will acknowledge that he has secured the necessary delegates to be the nominee.
However, Clinton promises to continue running attack ads on Obama through and past the November elections. When asked why, she told the press, "I'm good at attack ads. When you find something you love to do, you should do it and you should do it well."

Hillary, you put up a good fight and stayed in the race way too long. Today's Joke will miss you.



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