Monday, April 28, 2008


Everthing has moved.
What was once here is now there.
I can't find my keys.

Well, here we are. Blogger. Blogspot. Really, it's all the same, and it isn't MySpace. This feels different. More adult, but not in that gross, "take my pants off" way. Although my pants are off.

Anywho, thanks for making the jump over here. I'll keep posting the haikus in both places for a while, but the meat, the substance, the marrow of the daily postings will be over here (along with a reposting of the haiku.) Enjoy wherever your heart decides.

Sadly, I have little time to delight in the new blog home. I've got a busy day of cleaning, rehearsing, and softball playing (tonight at 8 pm at Nokomis Field #4) ahead of me. I do, however, have time for a quick question:
On Saturday, the wife and I had a week's worth of errands to run. Among the many places we went (Dr. Seuss was right!) was Borders, the poor-man's Barnes and Nobles. Whilst there, Stevie Wonder's hit "Sir Duke" started playing. I enjoyed the song for a moment and continued on my way.
Later on Saturday, when I visited Kowalski's for my between-shows meal, I heard "Sir Duke" again, this time from the grocery store speakers. I considered the chances of hearing the same song in two different locales, but quickly stopped when I realized that I didn't have the brain-power to consider those tyes of statistics.
After the shows and improv set on Saturday night, I hung out with folks at the BNW for a while, then hopped into the car. I started searching around the dial (something I don't normally do) for a good tune. What did I land on? A remixed version of "Sir Duke", thus officially making it a Sirdukerday.
Either the gods wanted to make sure my day met its quota of Stevie Wonder, or three very happy coincidences took place. It's a win-win both ways, so I'm not complaining.
My question is this:
If there was one song you heard whenever you walked into a store or got into your car, what song would you like it to be? Having experienced a Sirdukerday, I'm comfortable placing that as my top choice.

I should be off. Before I depart, here's Today's Joke:
Mars, Buffett to buy Wrigley for $23 billion
Mars will pay $80 in cash for each share of Wrigley share, a 28% premium over Wrigley's Friday closing price of $62.45, the McLean, Va.-based and closely held Mars said in a statement Monday
The transaction is aimed at strengthening and diversifying Mars' position in the confectionery business worldwide. Upon completion of the deal, its brands would include M&M's and Snickers, Wrigley's chewing gum and Altoids breath mints, and it would play a role in businesses ranging from chocolate and nonchocolate confectionery to drinks and pet care.
Experts say the merger will lead to a number of new products combining the existing brands of Mars and Wrigley's. Consumers can expect a new Spearmint Snickers gum to be on the shelves by 2009, a product that will "combine the minty taste of spearmint gum with the great chocolate and peanut texture of a Snickers bar."
Experts also forecast the merger and subsequent new products will to lead to bankruptcy for Mars, Inc.



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Nuts and gum, together at last.