Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Five cups of coffee
Drunk not consecutively
But concurrently.

'Tis late in the eve, yet I have forgone posting a missive for several nights already. The drought ends now! Words, pour forth!

- The Fringe festival is well underway. Mike and I have performed Comedy Go! twice now. The first one was good and fun. The second one was even more so. If this trend continues, our fifth show on Sunday afternoon will be so good and fun that it'll feel like Jesus camp. Appropriate? Most likely.

- Sophie the baby has taken in recent weeks to crawling, which is a larger lifestyle change for the wife and me than just having a baby. The other weekend, I spent countless hours taking CDs from their normal resting place (askew on the entertainment center shelves) into their new homes inside a multitude of white boxes that are now placed non-askewly on the entertainment center shelves. The process took so long mostly because I put the CDs into alphabetical order, a punishment that I wouldn't wish upon my worst frenemy. Since I completed the task of organizing and storing the CDs, I have since found rogue CDs hidden in various locales around my house: under chairs, on random bookshelves, in the tank of out toilet... If there's one thing I've learned from this whole episode: never organize your things.

- If you cut hair for a living and you notice that your customer's ear has a bit of fuzz growing on it, you should ASK before just buzzing it off. Maybe he was growing that for a reason.

- R2 D2 is back, in boom-box form. See, folks? This is "art." Are we clear?

- It's bedtime.

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David Jennings said...


Glad to hear that your Fringe is going well. I hope the new terror crawling around your home keeps you on your toes but allows you to relax as well.