Wednesday, September 10, 2008


My new alarm clock
Has a gentle, loving scream
And no snooze button.

Apologies for the irregularity of the daily missives. I hope you understand, but getting through a day requires a day and a half of pre-planning, and then, once the day begins, it all goes to hell before you can even get out of bed. Case in point: the wife and I decided yesterday afternoon that we would take a trip to Target today at noon. Even with the extended notice, we didn't even get set to leave the house until 1 pm. Luckily we didn't experience any diaper dilemmas during the trip as we were ill-prepared for anything but a poop-free journey. As it turns out, the wife has a couple of visitors that are doting on the baby. Thus, I have a free moment to transcribe some thoughts. Lucky you.

Thought 1: That little girl is the best thing in the world. Even at three in the morning, getting peed upon for the second time that night, she still makes me smile.

Thought 2: I can't believe I've been peed upon so many times this week. Hell, so many times today.

Thought 3: I should really be sleeping right now.

Thought 4: It's weird that I've been away from the places I normally haunt. I've stopped by the BNW for only a moment in the past week, I've eaten in for every single meal, and the walks with the dog have been remarkably short (mostly because the dog wants to get back to the baby. I'm not kidding about that.) I'll be back to real life sometime soon, I'm certain. Hopefully I'll get a haircut first.

Thought 5: Seriously. I should be sleeping right now.

I should be off. Before I depart, here's Today's Joke:
Minn. primary cues 1st statewide recount since '62
Minnesota election officials are preparing for their first statewide recount since 1962 after a close finish in a primary race for state Supreme Court justice.
Two candidates seeking to challenge sitting Justice Lorie Gildea were separated by less than one half of 1 percentage point. It could require the manual review of more than 400,000 ballots, said John Aiken, a spokesman for the Secretary of State.
Aiken said the recount will begin next Wednesday, the day after the state canvassing board meets. The election officials have to overcome the shock of so many people actually voting for a Supreme Court Justice.
"Seriously, people," Aiken said, "you're just supposed to leave those spots blank. Don't you know how elections work?"




Anonymous said...

It's been 2 years on 9/28...and Claire is still my alarm clock. The only difference is that the screaming and crying is replaced with..."Oh Mommy!!!!!! Mommy!!!! Up! Up! Elmo? Zoe? Telly? Street? Street? Mommy!!! Milk? Milk? Drink? HELLO!!!!!" ;)

LRM said...

it's amazing how much in love with them you are so quick, isn't it.

So glad you're enjoying it through the tiredness. The tiredness gets better, really.