Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I'll prove I love you
By driving you to the park
And sexing you good.

There's a story behind today's haiku (which is abnormal). The wife, the dog, and I were walking around the local lake yesterday. We had had our fill of nature and were heading back to our car. An old SUV was parked near our car. The front windows were rolled down on the SUV. In the back seat? Some sweet, sweet man/woman action. Growl! There's nothing like a little parking lot lovin'!

Anywho, today is the official due date for the baby. According to the doctors and ultrasound technicians, the kid should be ready and willing to make her arrival. However, that appears to not be the case. The womb might just be a little too comfortable for her, as she is showing no signs of departure.
This, of course, is not a surprising thing. Only 5% of people are born on their due date, and those 5% all turn out to be mid-level managers. It's a fact!

That being said, it appears that today will be another holiday for the wife and I. We're planning on visiting a museum because we can. That won't be the case in a few days from now.

Well, I should be off. I need to press my finest museum-going suit before today's activities. Before I depart, here's Today's Joke:
Affidavit outlines plans for chaos
Almost a year to the day before the Republican National Convention began, members of a self-described anarchist group gathered to talk about ways to disrupt it, including kidnapping delegates, sabotaging air vents at the Xcel Energy Center, blocking bridges and "capturing federal buildings" in Minneapolis and St. Paul.
Unbeknown to the RNC Welcoming Committee, two police informants and an undercover investigator had infiltrated their ranks, according to an affidavit and search warrant application filed Tuesday. The informants and investigator accessed group e-mails, attended meetings, talked strategies with members and participated in camps and workshops.
The RNC Welcoming Committee held two "pReNC" gatherings, one from Aug. 31 through Sept. 1, 2007, and another on May 3. At the first, 150 to 200 people -- including one of the informants -- talked about tactics to "shut down the RNC." Some tactics included using Molotov cocktails and chemical-filled balloons to cause destruction to RNC property. Other tactics were focused on containing the police and keeping them from protecting the delegates.
One RNC Welcoming Committee even suggested removing the letter "R" from the English alphabet, reasoning that "there can't be an RNC without an 'R'."



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Julie Blaha said...

Where can I get me some infiltrants? Unlike some of my volunteers, they'd have to show up, they'd have to be totally on board with what we are doing, and I'll bet they'd be super organized.

So, just for the record, me and a bunch of other teachers are planning to capture some federal buildings ourselves. I sure hope we aren't infiltrated - I especially hope we aren't infiltrated this Sunday from 4-9 pm for a pre-primary phonebank.