Wednesday, November 5, 2008


In the voting booth,
With nothing but hopes and dreams
I write-in myself.

A week? Its been a week already? Time certainly flies, doesn't it? Let's see... what happened since last week?

Obama got elected. That ain't bad. There's a certain feeling of ease that has saturated the area around me. I wouldn't pin that completely on Obama's President-electedness, as I think the election season tends to get people down after the twentieth month or so, but Obama's win definitely plays a part. He makes people smile. And not those "I'm embarrassed by you" smiles, either. That's a nice change.

You know who else won yesterday? Ted Stevens in Alaska and Michele Bachmann in Minnesota. Some people will truly go out of their way to impress me with their ridiculousness. I am astounded.
Did the news just not get to Alaska that Ted Stevens was convicted on seven counts of making false statements? Do they not have the same series of tubes up there that we have down here? And is the 6th district of Minnesota that nostalgic for the good old days of McCarthyism? Maybe the folks that voted for Stevens didn't want to be one issue voters. "Sure he might be going to jail, but this election is about the issues!" Likewise, maybe Bachmann's supporters just didn't like the idea of being represented by "El Tinkle." (That's Spanish for "The Urine.") What do I know?

In other news, my dog drank two cups of coffee yesterday. That may sound mild compared to Obama winning, but get this:
He took both cups, which were sitting on a table in my living room, into the back room of the house without spilling a drop. That's talent. If I can get him to do that for a reality

TV show, I'll be a millionaire!

Well, I should be off. Things: they need to be done. Like what, you ask? Like Today's Joke!
State girds for recount in Coleman-Franken battle
Republican Sen. Norm Coleman declared victory for a second term from Minnesota, even as the state this afternoon explained how it intends to recount nearly 3 million votes cast in his battle with Democrat Al Franken.
Coleman added that Franken should abandon any pursuit of a recount, saying that "the prospect of overturning [the necessary] votes is extremely, extremely, extremely remote."
Coleman then added that at a cost of 3 cents per ballot, the recount could become very costly for taxpayers. "You don't want to waste all that money on a silly little election, do you? Think about the taxpayers, Al!"
Upon hearing from a Franken spokesperson that the recount would not be halted, Coleman waved his hand from side to side and said, "these are not the votes your looking for." He then jingled some keys, trying to distract the Franken camp from the election. Finally, in one last act of desperation, Coleman had his wife "do a little dance" while he snuck out the back with the ballots.



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